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(Patrick RIPLEY - Michelle Mary ROACHE )

Index of Persons

Patrick RIPLEY (____ - ____)
William RIPLEY
Sheila Maude RIPPON (21 DEC 1915 - 3 JUN 1996)
Jo RISDALE (____ - ____)
Unknown RIZZO (____ - ____)
Angela Maree ROACHE
Anthony ROACHE
Benjamin ROACHE
Christopher ROACHE
Christopher Gerard ROACHE
Damien Gerard ROACHE
Daniel Patrick ROACHE
Desmond ROACHE
Elizabeth Ellen ROACHE
Fiona Janelle ROACHE
Indi-Rose Hanora ROACHE
Jacinta Maree ROACHE
Julie Anne ROACHE
Kathleen ROACHE
Matthew ROACHE
Matthew Gerard ROACHE (8 MAY 1909 - SEP 1985)
Matthew John ROACHE
Maureen ROACHE
Michael ROACHE
Michelle Mary ROACHE

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