Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ5

Firstly, some ideas/hints/tweaks/links:

Panasonic's Tatsujin adjustment software

Panasonic Canada made available for download some Lumix adjustment software for Windows PCs called 'Tatsujin' ('master' or 'expert' in Japanese) that connects using a special USB driver, PV-DC3000, for DMC-FZ4/FZ5, for the DMC-FZ30 and for DMC-FZ3/FZ20.

Beware! You can destroy your camera! This software is mainly used for adjusting the camera optics and electronics using specialised service equipment (collimator, light box, calibration charts, etc.), so if you try to adjust anything without the equipment, you will definitely destroy your camera!
Files downloaded from this site are virus free, but their correct functioning is not guaranteed by me.

There is a certain amount you can do with the software without connecting your camera, plus a lot of interesting documentation, in mangled English, to read. There's also some keypress sequences to try on the camera to ready it for using with the software and resetting it afterwards. If, after reading all that, you still want to connect your camera, make sure you don't write any EEPROM data to the camera or adjust anything.

Here's three links to discussion of Tatsujin from DPReview Panasonic forum.

Supplied documentation

After running the installer, the 'C:\Program Files\WinTatsujin\Dsc\FZ4PP' directory is created containing FZ4.exe, or the 'C:\Program Files\WinTatsujin\Dsc\FZ30PP' directory is created containing FZ30.exe, or 'C:\Program Files\WinTatsujin\Dsc\FZ3SR' directory containing FZ3.exe (for the dmc-fz3-fz20.exe package).

Running the software in demo mode

The only option that looks un-dangerous is this 'Each mode', accessed from the 'Operation' menu, 'Outside control' option, which seems to allow remote operation of the camera.

The rest of the menu options will probably kill your camera - you have been warned!

You can run the software in demo mode without the camera connected, by holding down [Shift] while clicking on [Connect]. Or, as the HowTo puts it:

This software acts even if it is not connecting with the camera, when you click the [Connect] button while pressing the [Shift] key on the keyboard. It is useful for technical training etc.

Here's a screen grab of the 'Each mode' dialog, accessed from the 'Operation' menu, 'Outside control' option.

Remote operation mode dialog

Connecting camera with PV-DC3000 USB drivers

To set up the camera for service connection by USB, you have to make your PC use the new USB drivers from the '\Program Files\WinTatsujin\Dsc\FZ30PP\Driver' directory, Mkeusb01.inf and Mkeusb01.sys. Here's a string from the former:

VendorName="Matsushita-Kotobuki Electronics Ind.,Ltd."
DeviceDesc="Panasonic PV-DC3000 USB Driver"

So, when you connect your camera to your PC, if it is detected as a USB mass storage device, you'll have to uninstall that and install the PV-DC3000 driver instead.

Changing modes on the FZ5 from initial to service and back again

As well, a special keypress sequence has to be made on the FZ5 to set it up for connection in Service Mode, and to set it back again to the initial setting. In my experience, if these don't work at first, keep trying them, perhaps a bit faster.

While it is recommended to use a power adapter, this is probably only a precaution to avoid powering down in the middle of setting the camera. Make sure you have a fully charged battery, and you should be OK.
From FZ4/FZ5 Usage.pdf, page 2, Step 4:

To put the camera back into normal/initial mode AND reset all user settings to default (time included) , follow this sequence.
From FZ4/FZ5 Usage.pdf, page 4, Step 7:

The area codes (probably for language and regional settings) appear after the camera model name on the manuals so googling for FZ5xx, my guess is: PP = North America (English & French), EG=Eu English/French/German/Italian/Dutch, EGM=Eu Scand, EB=Eu UK, GN=Aus/NZ, PL=Mex/Phillipines, GD=Korean, GC=Russian/Cyrillic, SG=??, GT=??, GK=??