Delaneys Corner sign at Nirranda, Australia

The Delaney’s Corner sign can usually be found on the Warrnambool - Peterborough Road at Nirranda in the Western District of Victoria, Australia. It does prove rather popular with a certain element in the area so it may not be there when you pass by but keep an eye out for it anyway.

Map showing “Delaney Corner” on Great Ocean Road To the right is a recent VicRoads map showing “Delaney (sic) Corner” on the Great Ocean Road. The original blocks (see below) lie between Boggy Creek Road and Callaghans Road on the Great Ocean Road.
1920s Parish Map showing “Delaney’s Corner” This is a parish map from the 1920’s shows “Delaney’s Corner” to the left of lots 76A “Peter Delaney”, 76B “M Delaney” and 76C “J Farrell” which are the 3 original blocks totalling 316 acres, taken up in 1866 and cleared by the Delaneys under the Duffy Land Act of 1862.

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