Delaneys Corner sign at Nirranda, Australia

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In 1854, John Delaney & his wife Bridget Delaney (née Dunne) left Twomileborris, Co. Tipperary, Ireland, with their six young children, Patrick (13), Catherine (12) , Margaret (11), Mary (9), Ellen (3) & John (2), and landed on the 15th January 1855 in Australia . They took up 320 acres of uncleared land in Nirranda in 1866, on what later became known as "Delaney's Corner" on the Great Ocean Road.

This site tells the story of how Delaney's Corner got that name - the story of how and why the Delaneys left Ireland to come to Australia and what they've been up to since they got here.

Besides making whiskey, that is. And more Delaneys.


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