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Sat 2nd August 2008

We now have a new address! The old one ( will still work, because it's just the same old server with a new alias for the website.

Sun 13th January 2008

The Delaney's Corner book is now online!

Sun 23rd April 2007

Cleaned out a lot of spam from the guestbook - great to see it's being put to such good use!

Tues 28th June 2005

I've put up a privacy page to outline our privacy policy and to air a few of the issues associated with it.

Fri 24th June 2005

Due to privacy concerns, it has been decided initially to hide information about individuals still living born after 1920. We feel that it would be better to have this information available to those who want it, but protected by user name and password, supplied on request. Eventually, I will install a package called PHPGedView which uses MySQL database to offer this functionality. Until that time, the online family tree will only be available in it's limited form.

Mon 14th February 2005

Fixed one-result searches to work in Internet Explorer - it was working fine in my browser, Firefox.

Sun 13th February 2005

Figured out how to make one-result searches immediately re-direct to the family tree entry for that person. This means we can have permanent links from people mentioned in the site to their entry. Previously, using hard-coded links meant when GED2HTML-generated pages changed in number or content, the links broke and would not point to the right people anymore.

Thu 10th February 2005

Finally, after years, I've (re-)figured out how to display photos inline with the family tree entry. The delay was all down to a badly-documented feature in GED2HTML - the path to the include files in 'Additional Options' needed a closing backslash, which when added, escaped the closing double-quote, and so had to be escaped itself with another backslash. Anyway, now I can add more photos from the family tree book.

Wed 2nd February 2005

Put some new links up to the crazy boogers at, particularly to their guestbook, which, even at 150 years distance, must contribute heavily to reasons for leaving Ireland, and the cow of the month page, which is going to get some stiff competition from Nirranda and other points west.

Mon 24th January 2005

The family tree was back up in time for the Reunion, which was a great success, by all accounts. I've put everything to do with the Reunion, invitation, book sales, photos, articles, up on it's own page.

Thu 2nd September 2004

I had to remove the ability to search the family tree, because it was 3 years out of date, leading to a lot of emails with corrections and additions that have already been made. We have lots more names (over 4,000) and details now, so we will be updating the tree on-line in October once they have been finalised for the book.

Mon 30th August 2004

After nearly two years of no news, I have some big news; I have put up an invitation to the fourth Delaney Family Reunion and an order form for the book Delaneys Corner: The Story of a Family from Newhill Tipperary and Nirranda Victoria, which you can print out and send off. The guestbook is slowly filling up as more vistors come to the site, which is good to see.

Tues 19th November 2002

Added a page on the Origins of the name Delaney, I prefer "Black Defiance" as a meaning for Dubhshlaine over "Black Slaney"!

Wed 9th October 2002

Re-enabled the Guestbook, I think I got it working this time, so start leaving some messages!

Tues 8th October 2002

Added a new page–Early Colonial Victoria - What the Migrants Found written by Dad, it covers what was happening in the developing colony and how that impacted on the lives of the Delaneys in the first 3 decades after their arrival.

Fri 13th September 2002

Added some details about the recipe book used by the Delaneys when making their whiskey, 'The Complete Practical Distiller'. You can order your copy from there.

Wed 11th September 2002

The third Delaney Family Reunion is tentatively planned for Saturday 15th January 2005, somewhere in Western Victoria. If you are interested in helping out in some way, please contact Joe Delaney. At this stage there are no plans, except to create a "reunion committee" to start organising.

Wed 10th October 2001

I'm off on hols tomorrow until the 20th, so there'll be no more updates til after then. Today I got the 'Known as:' field (alias, or nickname) into the family pages. It was left out previously due to FTM exporting some data fields incorrectly. The search now works better - you can search for full names, separated by space, or even parts of names i.e. 'Pat Del' will return all the Patrick Delaneys. Scanned in some photos. Put up the Passengers' List of the Cyprus with the Delaneys on it. It's linked to from the Getting to Australia and the Early Years page. Todo: put up the photos, womens page, stories, sports, make multipage search output, later: learn mySQL and make the family tree into a fully searchable database.

Sat 6th October 2001

Crisis averted - the Vegemite's on the way. The family tree name search is rudimentary but working, at the moment you can only look for one item at a time. I've reordered the site a bit so there's room to expand. The front page now contains more suggestions about where to go on the site, and I put 'What's new' here so that it could grow without swamping the front page. I made the Delaney background page to organise the various stories and histories a bit better. Put a page about the whiskey, taken from D.J. (Joe) Delaney's 1978 book 'The Delaney/Dunne Reunion 1978'.

In the background, I found out how to manipulate the GED2HTML output so that it's a bit more friendly. It's quite a powerful program as it allows you to write program code to define the output you want.

Things to do - photos page, stories page, found The 1978 Reunion Book so type some of that in, improve the search, etc

As usual let me know if something doesn't work.

Tues 2nd October 2001

Right! No more Mr Nice Guy. I've done loads of work on this site (and turn 39 in 2 weeks time), now I want to see something in exchange. So until further notice, no more stuff will go up on this site until I get me some Vegemite. And I don't mean these piddly little souvenir packs - we need 4 x 455 gram jars of the blackest-of-black stuff. You know who you are and you have been warned!!

Delaney's corner is now powered by PHP V4.0.6! Let me know if it makes a difference to your browsing, especially in the family tree section.

Mon 1st October 2001

The site now validates for HTML and CSS and will soon be powered by PHP4. That should make no difference to surfers, but is going to make my job a whole lot easier.

Fri 28th September 2001

After some prompting from friends (thanx Juha and Alex) I decided to drop frames except where it's needed - in the family tree section. I'll look into options for getting rid of them there too, because they are a nuisance.

Wed 26th September 2001

Alot has changed since last Tues (18th) when I started this.There's no real use in noting it all down. Once it's more stable I'll update this when I make changes. Things to do: start 'Delaney women' page, put up some photos, put up parish records, extend family tree page, more stories incl. Whiskey Tom vs Det. Christie, sporting greats, the reunions, ... stay tuned!

Sun 23rd September 2001

Some thoughts that came up about the Delaney family's situation with respect to Det. Christie and the colonial powers:
Land and the ownership of it was something that the English never wanted the Irish to have in their own country and which the Delaneys were able to get by coming to Australia. Honest, hard-working farming families were finally free to own their own land and profit from it fairly - and they didn't mind a drop or two of the good stuff after a hard days work.
You can't blame them really.

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