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The Delaney Family Tree

The family tree can be accessed using these methods:

  • By Surname - This allows you to 'drill down' to a person by first going through the surnames, in an alphabetical list.
  • By Index of Persons - Index of full names, sorted alphabetically by surname. You choose the list that the person you're looking for belongs to.
  • Name Search - Search the family tree by name.

The Delaney family tree had a long gestation period. In every branch of the family there was at least one member who knew the connections - who was related to whom, etc - usually but not always female. The late Mary O'Callaghan did most of the early work of collating the family tree. In the late 70's, spurred on by his sister, Eileen Hurley, D.J. (Joe) Delaney brought his information together with Mary's into a family tree which was first published in 'The Delaney/Dunne Reunion 1978' to coincide with the first Delaney family reunion in 1978. The Dunnes were included at this stage because it was Bridget Dunne who came out with her husband John Delaney and her six kids and it was felt that these two started the 'clan' out here. Bridget's brother, Edmund, joined her later and started a clan of his own and his descendants were also included in this book.

The second Delaney Family Reunion in 1983 saw the publication of the tree in a more complete form, 'A Long Way From Tipperary' by Mary O'Callaghan. From this point on, the Delaney family tree contains only the descendants of John and Bridget and none of the Dunnes.

Libby C. Tobin entered most of the 5,000 names into the Family Tree Maker program, a prodigious effort, which resulted in the ability to easily keep it up to date and also to publish it on the web. When extracted from that into GEDCOM format, I can process it through a program called GED2HTML which makes the pages you can search above.

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