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(Catherine Mary O'KEEFFE - David Alexander O'SULLIVAN )

Index of Persons

Catherine Mary O'KEEFFE
Desmond James O'KEEFFE
Francis James O'KEEFFE
Francis John O'KEEFFE
Francis Martin O'KEEFFE (1 MAY 1887 - 7 NOV 1958)
James Francis O'KEEFFE
Jason Andrew O'KEEFFE
Joan Mary O'KEEFFE
Katherine Mary O'KEEFFE (2 MAR 1919 - ____)
Kieran Ashley O'KEEFFE
Laurence Francis O'KEEFFE
Margaret Anne O'KEEFFE
Philip Adam O'KEEFFE
Doreen O'LEARY
Mary Ellen O'LEARY (1881 - 1968)
Dorothy Mary O'NEIL (9 JUN 1908 - ____)
Doreen O'NEILL
Daniel Patrick O'SHEA
Dorothy O'SHEA (____ - ____)
Geradine O'SHEA
Patrick Joseph O'SHEA
Paul James O'SHEA
Robert John O'SHEA
Bridget Rose O'SULLIVAN
David Alexander O'SULLIVAN

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