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December 09, 2010 - 08:18 PM
Kathleen Gregory

My mother's mother was Alice Delaney.
She had my mother(illegitamately), July 11, 1928 in Newark, New Jersey. She was age 36 the Birth Cert. said.
She named my mother Kathleen.
Supposedly, her sister said she could not keep my mother so she went to live with her father Arthur Miville Dechene in Gardner, Ma.
That is all we know about our Delaney history.
If anyone knew anymore info on this particular Alice Delaney that would be fabulous. My mother is 82 now and I know would be blessed to know something about her mother and whether she had any siblings, etc.
Thank you so much for your website - at least I was able to learn a little about the Delaney family History.

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