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September 23, 2011 - 04:13 AM
Liz Mackay Pedersen

Hello all fellow Delaneys!

My name is Liz (Elizabeth), grand-daughter of Margaret Kelly (nee Delaney). I grew up in Warrnambool and vagely remember the family reunion in 1983 (I was only 4). My mum, Kathleen Kelly mentioned that the recent reunion was pretty enjoyable.

I live in Denmark these days and I'm studying to become a teacher. As part of my degree, I'm working together with two other student teachers on Irish migration into the major english-speaking countries. The Delaneys will be featured in developing a teaching resource we can use in our teaching rounds.

Part of the project is looking at how the Irish have influenced the english langauge. I was wondering if any of you are aware of any literature writen by the Delaneys, either in Ireland or Australia, that we could use?

All help is apprecited in advance!

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