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61 Sunday December 16, 2007 - 03:20 PM
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Looking for family information- grandfather Wilfred D. Delaney, born march 13th, 1913 (I believe in Ireland) died in 1993. He had at least one brother I believe resided in CT (as he also did until retiring to Florida). Would love more information, as all relatives on that side are gone.
62 Tuesday December 11, 2007 - 03:25 AM
  %43%6c%61%72%6b%5f%72%75%6c%7a%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 62
OMG there is so many dleanys
63 Tuesday December 4, 2007 - 02:02 AM
bianca delaney
  %62%6e%63%5f%64%65%6c%61%6e%65%79%30%31%32%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 63
hi i'm bianca i'm just looking for long lost family i never met none of my family but my dad and his name is issac jerome delaney if you no him please contact me on my yahoo page and i'm only 14 yrs of age
64 Thursday November 29, 2007 - 03:21 PM
John David Delaney
  %6f%6c%65%63%6f%77%62%6f%79%36%34%40%73%62%63%67%6c%6f%62%61%6c%2e%6e%65%74 Delete entry # 64
I live in Houston, Texas. Grandfather was John Delaney. He passed away June 1952 at age 83. Don't have anymore information about his family. I would appreciate anyone who may know or have information about this family to respond.
Great Site and vedry interesting.
65 Wednesday November 28, 2007 - 11:00 PM
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hello, looking for family of michael and josephen delaney originally from ireland there children were, michael,ted, nora michael was married to my grandmother alvina crisps. please contact me
66 Tuesday November 6, 2007 - 09:26 PM
Paul James Delaney
  %70%61%75%6c%2e%64%69%40%78%74%72%61%2e%63%6f%2e%6e%7a Delete entry # 66
Hi all.....great to see so many Delaneys out there.Trying to put together some sort of ancestry for my Father.My Grandfathers name was Douglas Nelson Delaney his DOB 2 Sept 1916 and unfortuatly he passed away 3 weeks ago.He had 2 Sons Peter Austin Delaney,John Delaney and 1 Daughter Tessa Delaney.His wife was Hazel Delaney who passed away in 1979.We all reside in Christchurch NewZealand.I know he has one sister named Philis who lives in Auckland NewZealand.
Any help would be great....would be so cool to find living reles or ancestors from around the world eh...
67 Wednesday October 31, 2007 - 04:26 PM
Aaron Delaney
  %68%6f%6f%64%73%65%79%30%31%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 67
any cute Delaneys out dare dat dont wana change dare name once married give me an email :D only girls tho haha
68 Wednesday October 10, 2007 - 07:56 PM
Leslie Patrick Delaney
  %6c%69%74%68%69%63%73%31%32%31%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 68
Just curious, in my family tree we have a John Delaney that fought in the Cival War. We are probably related, although distantly.
69 Tuesday August 28, 2007 - 07:27 PM
Linda Delaney
  %6c%6d%2e%6d%64%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 69
Hi just reading through this very intresting site and thought id post a message to all you fellow delaneys!! My name is linda and im from Offaly in Ireland my family have all lived her for generations!! Nice to know there is so many of us out there!
70 Tuesday August 28, 2007 - 04:49 PM
jayne delaney
  %6a%61%79%6e%65%64%65%6c%61%6e%65%79%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%2e%75%6b Delete entry # 70
I married a delaney (LEONARD EDWARD)last year and couldnt be happier! best of wishes to all my new family out there and could someone please tell me about the reunion.i would love to suprise my husband. thankyou in advance!
71 Monday August 13, 2007 - 12:43 PM
Sharlene delaney
  %63%68%61%72%6c%69%32%35%33%40%62%69%67%70%6f%6e%64%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 71
Hi there,
A great site. I have read the book and its great too.
Curios though why my sister and her family is in here but my dad, my mum, myself and another 2 brothers and one sister aren't. Feel free to contact me via e-mail so i can fill you in on all our details.
My grandad was one of the delaneys at narranda!
72 Wednesday July 18, 2007 - 02:49 AM
David John Delaney
  %64%61%76%64%65%6c%31%40%6f%70%74%75%73%6e%65%74%2e%63%6f%6d%2e%61%75 Delete entry # 72
Hi what a great site, if I could come into contact with relatives it would be a blast, As far as I know Edward Charles Delaney settled around the liverpool area Sydney, my father was Terrance James Delaney & my mother (still alive)is Ruth Joan Delaney nee Cartledge & we lived at St.Mary's Sydney, then moved to Brisbane.
Tks David.
73 Wednesday July 4, 2007 - 11:09 AM
Lynne Jenkins
  %6a%65%6e%6b%73%5f%37%31%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 73
This has been fantastic to find all of my grandparents and great grandparents names. I am the great great great grandaughter of Bridget Dunne and John Delaney. My grandparents were Mary Steele and Wilfred Hugh Jenkins. Would love to get in contact with any rellies. I'm in Brisbane Queensland. I grew up in Camperdown Victoria. I am 36 this year. Please e-mail cheers Lynne 4/7/07
74 Thursday June 21, 2007 - 11:49 AM
Chet De Laney
  Delete entry # 74
The humor!! I love it!
75 Wednesday June 20, 2007 - 08:15 PM
Ladies Delaney
  Delete entry # 75
To all the Ladies Delaney that see this; I salute you. Your love inspires us and without it we couldn't exist, nor would we want too. We celebrate a surname here, but your love is why we want it to continue.
Thank You
76 Wednesday June 20, 2007 - 02:53 AM
Gerard Delaney
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Keep up the good work and just ignore the spammers.Great site.
77 Monday June 18, 2007 - 02:12 PM
Chet De Laney
  Delete entry # 77

I owe you an appology. I have committed the worst breach of ettiquette - I have tasked the provider of a service with policing who uses it. How your site is used and who uses it is none of my business.
Please delete the Guestbook entry I left and this follow up entry = AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. Thank you for providing the history of your family. So again, I am sorry to have invaded your domain and for causing you to put what will surely be remembered as the Chet De Laney disclaimer that appears above this list.
78 Friday June 15, 2007 - 01:24 AM
Chet De Laney
  Delete entry # 78

Here is a teaser...
My family came through Louisiana in 1812.
79 Sunday June 10, 2007 - 07:57 PM
alison jenkins
  %72%6f%73%79%2d%6a%40%68%6f%74%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%2e%75%6b Delete entry # 79
Just like you all had to leave my mark can't believe we are so International thought at the most French De being my clue -----well ok I'm a bit of a De myself --but if I,m honest I did quite fancy some French ancestors --hope you find what your looking for xxx
80 Monday June 4, 2007 - 03:33 AM
William (Bill) Delaney
  %77%69%6c%6c%69%61%6d%73%38%31%34%35%40%6d%73%6e%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 80
Hi to all of you Delaneys.

I am of the Two Mile Boris Clan and am from Mortlake Vic. Have spent 30yrs O/seas etc and am back in Melbourne (one of the great world cities)
Great reunion in 2005.
81 Tuesday May 22, 2007 - 07:29 AM
Deborah Mullins
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I would like to know when the next reunion will be? I am sorry I missed out on the last one. I would love to catch up with some of my familly. Thanks Debbie (grand daughter of Phillis Hughes)
82 Friday April 27, 2007 - 08:26 PM
Katherine Delaney
  %4b%42%42%5f%36%33%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 82
Hi, I think this is the coolest thing, didn't
know there we're so many of us. I am the grand-
daughter of ESBY SIM DELANEY SR and daughter of
ESBY SIM DELANEY JR. I'm sure any relation will
remember that any information on
family please e-mail me thanks, Kate
83 Monday April 2, 2007 - 03:18 AM
  Delete entry # 83
Left last message 4/1/07. Should have said I live in Pittsburgh.
84 Sunday April 1, 2007 - 03:00 AM
  %4a%6f%68%6e%6e%79%64%65%6c%61%6e%65%79%31%40%76%65%72%69%7a%6f%6e%2e%6e%65%74 Delete entry # 84
I am an African American DeLaney:father named Wm. Claude Delaney born in Staunton Va., his father was John DeLaney-mother was Elizabeth Don't know much about his parents. My father also had a sister that lived in Richmond, maiden name (Mosley) Would like to know if there are any other DeLaney's from Virginia. Very interesting web site, thanks.
85 Tuesday March 20, 2007 - 10:53 PM
Lois (Kohler)Delaney
  Delete entry # 85
My late husband's name is Edward John Delaney III I have sons, Edward John IV, Kenneth Ronald, and Thomas Raymond. My husband's father (Edward John Delaney, Jr.) was killed in Germany during WWII. We live in Pittsburgh, PA
86 Sunday March 18, 2007 - 07:07 AM
Moses Delaney
  %6d%64%65%6c%61%6e%65%79%40%74%72%6f%79%2e%65%64%75 Delete entry # 86
Peace everyone. I am a Delaney of dark color hailing from Northern VA. I am looking for my Great Grandfather's (James Edward Delaney) people. I understand that his parents were James and Sadie Delaney from Philadelphia and Baltimore. James Delaney Jr. had a daughter whom he named after his mother: Sadie E.. She was born around 1906 and later married in Baltimore or Delaware and became Sadie Sessions. She passed in 1997. If anyone can help me find my ancestors please do so.

87 Saturday March 10, 2007 - 12:23 AM
william wayne delaney
  %77%69%6c%6c%69%61%6d%64%65%6c%61%6e%65%79%20%36%30%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%2e%75%6b Delete entry # 87

Born gateshead 1960 any irish contacts please e mail father william fitzpatrick delaney regards
88 Wednesday March 7, 2007 - 10:17 PM
Mark John Joseph (patrick) DELANEY
  %6d%72%6b%5f%64%65%6c%61%6e%65%79%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%61 Delete entry # 88
Seriosly looking for descandents relatives OF MY FAMILY NAME DELANEY (proud of it) came from NORTH????? more info upon request the name FLOOD is also in my family??????????
89 Saturday February 24, 2007 - 06:11 AM
Christine Catt
  %63%65%63%61%74%74%34%30%40%79%61%68%6f%6f%2e%63%6f%6d%2e%61%75 Delete entry # 89
I am looking for the family of Delaney in India in the 1800s. Annie Delaney (nee Foster) was married to a James Delaney (I think) a private in the 43rd Foot. He died at Poonamallee in 1858 aged 32. Can anyone help with any leads? That is all the info I have on him.
Please reply if you have any ideas or can help.
90 Sunday February 18, 2007 - 04:04 PM
Rich Delaney
  %74%61%63%6f%6e%69%63%70%72%6f%40%61%6f%6c%2e%63%6f%6d Delete entry # 90
Looking for any information regarding Timothy Delaney (grandfather), emigrated to New York late 1800's, he may have had a sibling that went to Australia ... in any event, good talking to ya.
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